Help for the Homeschooling Hero – Week 2 – “Delighting in God”


“Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4

Help for the Hero

I never tire of reading our verse this week, because it is such a beautiful promise to God’s children.  What a God we have! He loves us so well that He will give us our heart’s desire if only we delight ourselves in Him.  As busy homeschooling mothers, we often have very little time in our days, for “quote on quote” delighting in God, but let’s give it a moment’s thought together.  Do you spend time delighting in your children?  I certainly do.  I spend as much time as I can squeeze in simply delighting in my children.  We do many fun family activities in our Southwest Florida neighborhood and most of them afford me great pleasure.  From watching the kiddos run all over the soccer field, to seeing them perform at the Homeschool Science Fair, to hugging them as we gaze up at the night sky together on an impromptu star gaze in the backyard, these kids are so easy to take delight in.  I take pleasure in them because they are so beautiful to me, so precious, so innocent (in these moments, at least), and because they are part of my husband and I.

Although it may not be as instinctive for us, delighting in the Lord can be just as easy, if we allow ourselves to focus on Him the way we focus on our children.  Whatever the season outdoors is this week, focus on the majesty of God surrounding you.  Maybe you see His glory in the snow-capped mountains (even if they are just mountains of snow piled up next to the driveway).  Maybe you will see His beauty in an autumn tree you drive by, His warmth in a beautiful ocean sunset, or His fierce strength in a wind or rainstorm.  Inside of your home, there are also ways you can delight in God this week, naturally as you work and teach.  Can you see His love in your children’s ability to share, in your husband’s faithful work for your family, or in a friend or relatives’ act of kindness toward you?  Maybe you will even see God as you consider how you have grown over the years, knowing you have grown by His grace.  Whatever the season or reason, allow this week to include time delighting in our Lord.  Pour out your heart to Him in prayer.  The reward is wonderful.  Just as in a real relationship with someone you love in your family, God wants to be noticed.  His reward is your heart’s content.  I know you have seemingly insurmountable tasks before you this week, and so do I, but there is One who can lift the load, and help us along, who wants to know just what the desires of our hearts are, and who wants to bless our every step. Let’s not let anything get in the way of our special time praising the true Hero of our lives.

Kids Can Too!!

This week, have your children begin a praise journal.  It can be a simple few pages stapled or taped together, a wide ruled notebook, or a beautiful journal you pick out together.  Have them fill it with beautiful verses, drawings dedicated to God, positive words or colors about how God makes them feel, Psalms or poems written by the kids to God, or something else to honor their Maker.  Even most two or three-year olds can be given some crayons and paper to show God’s love through a simple drawing or selection of colors.  Their love toward Him at these tender ages is such a joy to take time out to behold.  You will find that by watching your children delight in Him, you are naturally doing it yourself too.  Share the promise in our weekly verse with the inquisitive children who wonder why they have been assigned such a project.  Help them to see that God wants to bless them, and help them to truly be rewarded for doing their part in the relationship with Him.

Marriage Mission

Together with your husband, take time this week to delight in the One who helped you to find one another so you could lead this wonderful family together.  Have you and your husband seen prayers answered by the Lord together? If so, have you ever taken time to document those answered prayers?  A very simple way to show God your adoration and love is to write down or type up some of your answered prayers together.  Hang the list in a simple wood frame on display for all to see, along with our weekly verse written underneath.  Your frame, for instance, may say, “We delight in you Lord.  Thank you for answering so many prayers.  We have a roof over our heads, X amount of children, we have gotten through pregnancies, we have gotten through a difficult season if grief, we have been healed of various illnesses, we have been given work that is meaningful, a great church, etc….” By taking time to do this or something else to delight in Him together, you will surely open doors for a more satisfied life with God as well as the man by your side.

Power Up!

Dear Lord,

I take delight in Your great beauty in nature, from the singing of the birds to the order in our world, to the smiles upon my family’s faces.  I thank you for the wonderful provision of food, warmth (and air conditioning!), health, clothing, and wonderful times with my family, every single day.  Help me to remember, in the frustrating moments of my week to recollect Your wonderful blessings in my life and to derive strength from Your Word, Your Presence, and Your Spirit in me.  I thank you for everything.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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