Help for the Homeschooling Hero – Week 3 – Unload Your Burdens


“Come to Me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

Help for the Hero

In high school, I spent a few years living life on the edge…of disaster!  Between my academic and sports activities, I found plenty of weekend time to fill the emptiness I felt inside with alcohol and other unhealthy behaviors.  My soul was truly weary from hard living, though I was only sixteen years old.  Thankfully, a year later, after I rededicated my life to Christ, the minister at my church baptized me, proclaiming our weekly Bible verse over me and then prolifically dunked me under water.  I wasn’t familiar with this Scripture at the time, and wasn’t particularly close to the minister either, but a peace came over me when those words were read, like nothing I’d felt before other than when I first accepted the Lord as my Savior. I have since declared this to be my life verse, not only because of that significant moment in my life, but because this verse has comforted me on so many occasions since.

As homeschooling mothers, this verse is a good one for us to remember for so many reasons.  Every day, our heads are turned so fast from one way to the other by many tasks and demands.   Sometimes we seem to get a mental whiplash by trying to be perfectly pleasing to everyone in our lives.  One child needs help tying a shoe, another child is waiting for us to show them how to do a math problem, and maybe there’s a baby with a sagging diaper or a colicky cry too.  Our husband calls on his lunch break, looking for an upbeat or positive word from his wife.  Then to add insult to injury, lunch is billowing over on the stove and there’s a splitting headache, an overdue bill, or a child’s fever to deal with.   If we try to do all of these tasks in our own strength, any hero would be spent!  More importantly, we miss out on God’s grace and provision toward us.  If we remember that when we are weary, we can call out a prayer to God, He will carry the load and the outcome of it all.  Suddenly, even though the day’s tasks are hard, we keep things in perspective.  It’s up to God as to how we will manage it all.  We just need to do our best.  It’s not on our shoulders to make life perfect.  Join me in taking some deep breaths, doing one thing at a time as best as we can, and most of all, asking God for that perfect rest only He can offer when we are weary.

This week, instead of focusing on how other moms around you or on FB seem so put-together, or focusing on all of your undone to-do list tasks, think especially about the things the Lord has helped you to accomplish each day.  Thank Him for that, and visualize yourself giving Him the entire burden (everything you didn’t get done, in this case) on your shoulders.  He has told us He can handle it all.

Kids Can Too!!

When we feel weary, we can usually make note of it and try to work on it.  Kids don’t always tell us when they feel this way.  Often, they act out their weariness, acting extra cranky toward you, less motivated in schoolwork, or fighting with their siblings more. If you see this happening this week, ask yourself whether your kids seem to be weary of anything.  Are they struggling with schoolwork, a fight with a friend, mom being too busy, or anything else?  Try to share this verse with them and remind them to focus on one thing at a time, and let them know that you really love them and want them to get the proper rest and downtime they need to thrive.  Try to enjoy a few extra minutes with that child, letting them know how much you love them, and asking if there is anything (reasonable) you can do to bless them.  If you are having a draining week also, make sure you don’t offer what you cannot deliver, ask your husband to help out, or just let them know you will keep it in mind, and jot it on the calendar so you will fulfill your words.

Marriage Mission

Despite the tiredness and weariness that comes from a long workday for both you and your husband, a few kind words or actions can go a long way in setting a pleasant tone for the evening.  Sometime this week, when your husband comes home from work, try to do something to brighten up the day.  An extra long hug or kiss, sprucing up your looks or outfit, making a special dessert, or cleaning up the house are all ways you can help set a fresh start on the evening, and help bring more energy all around.  Sometime this week let your husband know if you need some rest, such as a night out for coffee with the girls (sans kids), a date night, or a Saturday morning with a good book and a quiet house.  Lord knows even heroes need a hiatus sometimes!

Power Up!!

Dear Jesus,

Thank You for taking my burdens from Me.  I give them to You, all of them.  I release them, knowing You will guide me through Your Holy Sprit to do whatever I need to do, and You will take care of the rest.  I pray a blessing over my husband and children, so they will not be wearied by the daily tasks in their lives.  Help us all to serve You with joy, with strength, and with the assurance that You will carry out Your plans in our lives, despite our weaknesses.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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