Help for the Homeschooling Hero – Week 4 – Help for the Hubby


“Now his master saw that the Lord was with him and how the Lord caused all that he did to prosper in his hand.” Genesis 39:3

Help for the Hero

Since most of you are married or have a strong male figure in your life, such as a father or brother, you may already know that when the men in your lives follow God, the life of your family is vastly improved.  I included the Bible verse about Joseph of the Old Testament in this week’s devotional because lately I have felt the Lord stirring me to pray for my husband to be like Joseph in the way of favor.  Joseph had many trials, temptations, and struggles, and yet God was working all along, both for Joseph’s good and for the greater good!  That is so encouraging, and I believe God included it in the Bible so that we would never give up even during our trials with our men.

Even if your husband is not as close to God as you are, or if he is not a Christian, you can still pray for favor over his life.  God loves when His children pray, and He didn’t mention the persistent widow for nothing (Luke 18:1-8)!  She kept praying until finally her prayer was granted, even though it was something the non-Christian judge would not normally have given.  Jesus shared this parable to remind us never to give up on prayer and told us He is far more interested than this callous judge, also.  Please don’t waste your wonderful and powerful (Acts 1:8) gift of prayer by not praying for the man in your life.  He needs it, your family needs it, and the world desperately needs strong Christian men to lead, too.

Your husband is probably at an exciting growth time in his life. He may be in the peak of his work seasons, with opportunities before him for more advances, schooling, or job transfers.  He may be in a leadership position with ministry, he may be coaching, teaching, joining you in having more babies, or even going through a mid-life crisis.  It’s big time these days, in your middle-aged husband’s life.  As we homeschool this week, let’s pray God’s favor over these men continually, so that even when bad things seem to occur, God will use them for good, such as when Joseph’s brothers and extended family got saved through a seeming tragedy, and God did just that.  I believe He will do that with our men too, if we lift them up faithfully to Him.

Though you, mom, are not a biblical hero like Joseph, you are a homeschool hero, regardless of your husband’s circumstances.  As you manage your household this week, remember to pray God’s favor over your own story as well.  With your obedience and faith, God will allow everything you do to prosper for His glory!

Kids Can Too!!

Help your children to focus on blessing their father (and other male role models) this week.  Even if they do not see their father all the time, there are lots they can do to bless them.  If you have a journaling time for your children, have them jot a note to dad telling him how special he is to them, or if they are extra happy doing art, have them make a special drawing.  Remind your children that when their father gets home from work or being gone, he loves to be noticed, adored, and welcomed with open arms, rather than given a halfhearted greeting.  Most of all, let them know their father needs their prayers.  Teach your children about Christian favor (a special “front row” seat or place with God, and the promise of answered prayer, so long as it is God’s will) and have each child pray for their dad this week during your school day or in the evening.   If dad is comfortable with it, have the children ask their father what his prayer needs are and teach them how to pray over him as well.

Marriage Mission

When your husband is sleeping, lay your hand on him and pray over him.  Don’t pressure him through prayer by saying manipulative things.  If you have true requests that he would not like to hear, pray those silently over him or pray about those aloud when you are in private.  When your prayers are in line with his or would not be offensive, ask him if you can pray over him or with him.  Offer him a special blessing or Scripture God puts on your heart.  He will be touched and refreshed by it, as will your whole family, even if you don’t see that fruit immediately.

Power Up!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for the man You have placed in my life.  I pray You would show him Your favor in all good that He does, that You would turn bad circumstances into good, and lead him away from temptation like You did with Joseph so many times.  Father, I ask that You would help him to recognize Your Holy Spirit’s leading and give You praise for the many blessings in his life.  As he ages, help him not to fear, but to see that he is closer than ever to a wonderful destiny with You.  Amen.


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