Help for the Homeschooling Hero – Week 7 – “Called To This Moment”


“And who knows whether you have attained royalty for such a time as this?” Esther 4:14b 

Help for the Hero

Ever heard of a biblical beauty queen?  You may smirk, but Queen Esther of the Old Testament, whose reign is dated about five hundred years before Christ, totally fits the bill.  In fact, today, Queen Esther is still well remembered for her bravery and beauty during a desperate time.  I really shouldn’t simplify such a prominent biblical hero, but it’s undeniable that God used Esther’s wisdom, faith, and even six months of beauty treatments (Esther 2:12) to save His people.  Esther stood up for her people, the Jews, though it almost cost her life.  She did this through taking advice from a wise family mentor, she fasted before God for favor, and bravely carried out her task.  In turn, Esther saved an entire people group from being slaughtered, she earned great favor in the sight of her husband the King, she got the bad guy killed, and she saved an entire culture from being slaughtered.  Not a half-bad heritage for a hero, huh?

As a homeschooling mother, though you may not feel very royal today (I seriously don’t look royal in my faded blue jeans with frizzy hair), you are.  If you are a Christian, you have a royal standing as a daughter of the highest King, Jesus (1st Peter 2:9). To make the point even clearer, think about it in another light.  Even if you only go by global current standards, your time in history and your geographical standing is really favorable. If your family makes over thirty five thousand dollars a year, or has two cars, you are in the top ten percent of the world’s wealthiest people. Thus, even though you may not feel very royal today, as you see here, you most certainly are blessed and called as such!  I hope you will take a moment with me to dwell on that precious gift, and thank God for it.

In your preparations your week, ask God, your King, how He would ask you to act, respond, lead, and follow.  Is there anything difficult before you?  If so, don’t forget to heed the advice of the wise mentor(s) in your life, like Esther did (Esther 4:14), and to prepare your body with cleanliness and attractiveness for your husband and circle of influence outside the home (Esther 2:12). Most of all, don’t forget to pray, right now, just as you are. Isn’t it nice that since we are not under the old law as Christians, we don’t have a formula or massive preparations to approach the most important person, the great King of Kings?  His availability is unlimited as are His promises.

In your schooling with our children, remind them that as God’s chosen people, that they also hold favor with the King.  Help them to know that they can ask Him, a king far greater than the one in our Bible passage this week, anything they want.  Let’s share this great gift with our children, and also teach them to be brave like Esther was, when they are challenged to do the right thing.  Remind your family that our privileged position as Christians gives us freedom to be brave and utilize the King’s power, and that our wealth compared to the world’s standards, gives us the obligation to take a hero’s stance for what is right, even when it could cost us everything.

Kids Can Too!!

If you have a little girl, take some time to make her look extra special this week, reminding her of Queen Esther and her preparations for the King.  Talk to her about looking fresh, clean, and beautiful, and how she can contribute to that end.  Most of all highlight the bravery and beauty of her heart as your foremost hope and enjoyment of her.

If you have a son, spend time talking about princely bravery and courage this week.  Talk about men in his life who have left him a kingly legacy, which may be a war hero or your husband or father’s brave acts.  Talk to him about something you have already seen in his life when he acted bravely.  Encourage him, reminding him that God always protects him and will help him to do the right thing even when he is frightened.

Marriage Mission

Your husband is the leader of all of these princesses and princes, the king of his family domain.  Don’t forget, if he is a Christian, he has royal status too.  Make him feel it this week.  Even if the bills are tight, the washer is out of order, and the dishes are piled high, there are ways to make him feel his worth to his family, and to God.  Take time to do one special beauty regime this week that you know he will appreciate.  Men can be easily swayed by beauty, so why not let it be yours that sways him?  Don’t take a manipulative stance, and try to turn Queen Esther’s story into a Jezebel-like ploy (2nd Kings 9:30) for getting what you want through your seductive airs.  Instead, be prayerful over your husband’s life, temptations, and stresses, and try to both look and behave attractive, feminine, and beautiful for this royal man in your life!

Power Up!

Dear Lord,

Thank You for reminding me of the privilege of approaching Your throne at any time.  Like You cleared a seemingly impossible task before Queen Esther, please clear any obstacles out of my way when I try to do Your will this week, Lord.  Help me to be brave and beautiful, and to teach my children this great lesson as well.  Help my husband to lead wisely, and help me to influence him for good, and not evil, all the days of my life.  Amen.


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