About My Family

860580_10200370992024625_1532175940_oI have three kiddos who I love more than life itself, and a husband who is a real homeschool hero himself, as well as a truly loving daddy.  When he is not helping kiddos at work or home, or on a date night with yours truly, he has a science ministry he leads, called Meaningful Science (www.meaningfulscience.com).  He is extremely gifted in showing others how science points us to God.

My children are seven, five, and one, and with two girls and then a boy, my family is full of fun and play almost round the clock.  I am so blessed to have this precious family, and my body is so done being pregnant.  These days I am just enjoying the blessings I have right now, and trying to teach the kiddos what God continues to teach me!

I love homeschooling my children, probably since both my parents were teachers, but also because I truly like teaching them how to be God’s kids even more than the academic side, so it’s a nice fit.  We spend lots of time allowing the day’s events to teach us, but we also do a fairly rigorous curriculum, and attend a one day a week co-op/school which keeps us on par with the a social system outside of our own family for now.  I’d love for the kids to graduate with dual enrollment credits one day, but that’s a long way off, and I’m glad of that!


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