About the Blog/Devo

I write because it’s where I find God’s peace and pleasure.  Though some of my personal writing is just to vent, I specifically write for this blog to refresh mommas who need to be encouraged or just to feel like they are not alone in their moments of weakness.  This blog mainly features my weekly devotional entries, but I also like to include other simple thoughts on occasion.

Here is the foreword to my blog and book, Help for the Homeschooling Hero: A Fifty Two Week Devotional for Homeschooling Mothers.  I hope you will click the link at the left to follow this blog if it fits with your life at the moment, so you can join me on the weekly journey of growing closer to God and family.

As a Christian homeschooling mother, you are undoubtedly a strong and brave woman.  You are working hard to offer your children a quality Christian education, teaching them what it means to love God and others well, taking the older ones to various sports and activities, putting together portfolios and assessments, teaching on multiple levels depending on your family size, serving meals, doing chores, and are possibly pregnant, nursing and/or changing diapers at any given time.  On top of it all, you likely have a husband, church, extended family, friends, and possibly outside work life to tend to as well.  Those who don’t homeschool often wonder why you have chosen this path and some even make derogatory comments to or about you.  Homeschooling, my friend, is a noble calling, and takes great bravery to carry forth.  I consider the undertaking of the task nothing short of heroic, or requiring a great deal of courage.   I wrote this devotional for  you during this intensely wonderful season of life, and I hope you will find its pages (seen through my weekly blogs, beginning late August 2013) inspiring and strengthening for your journey!


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